Photoshoot with Arianna Lyons

Photoshoots can always be a great learning experience for anyone who holds a camera. Musician Arianna Lyons messaged us saying she needed some headshots to send to an agency in Los Angeles, California. She explained that time was also a factor. Where will be the perfect place is always a thought for both artist and subject. Observing the room you are in, is always a great idea. The natural wooden elements of our front office building blended perfectly with Arianna’s hair color. Using the right shadows through cracks and reflections can always create the right backdrop. This shoot was completed inside the Travis Street office in The Oil Center in Lafayette, LA.  Thank you for trusting Kaptography with your headshots Arianna. It was a pleasure to photograph you. Best of luck in the future.

Below are some of the photos from yesterday’s shoot. We hope you enjoy them.

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